Tutorials in Youtube

In this section you will find all the video tutorials uploaded in YouTube .On the left side there is a playlist of all the youtube version video lessons. Below you can see tutorials listed one by one. So please choose best way that suits you better.



Image 02How to Use Skype


Learn the basics of using Skype to communicate to your friends and relatives worldwide.

Image 02

Using Internet Banking - 365


Learn how to sign up for Internet banking and the basics of Internet banking functionality. Please note that most of the banks offer very similar services through Internet banking.

Image 03

Purchasing Airline Tickets


Learn how to save money and book airlines tickets online , searching through Skyscanner and buying through Ryanair. Please note that payment methods and how you pay are very similar for other airlines too.


Image 02Online purchasing - Amazon


Learn how to create Amazon account , and online purchasing. Stop the hassle of going into shops and purchase online, with few clicks. Please note the way you pay on Amazon it's very similar to other online shopping websites also.

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Downloading Browser


Learn how to download and install different type of browser , that you already have. Please note that the download methods are very similar for other applications too.