Tutorials in Youtube

In this section you will find all the video tutorials uploaded in YouTube .On the left side there is a playlist of all the youtube version video lessons. Below you can see tutorials listed one by one. So please choose best way that suits you better.




Image 02Basics of Windows 7


Learn the basics of operating system Windows 7. Get to know about Windows 7 features , and basic functionality.

Image 02

Browsing Basics


Learn the basics of browsing and searching the web using Internet Explorer. You will learn how to search websites, add new tabs and much more.

Image 03

Create Email Account


Learn how to create email account in Gmail from the start and start communicate via Internet for free of charge.


Image 02Using Email in Gmail


Once your account is created , get to learn the basics of using email in Gmail. You will learn about various of functionalities that email has to offer.

Image 02Download and Install Skype


Learn how to download free communication application skype and learn how to install on your computer. Start downloading and and installing , before you can communicate free of charge.

Image 03Creating Skype Account


Once the application is installed you need to learn how to create a Skype account to be able to benefit from the service.